I’ve got a new group
It has banjo and a harp
We’re playing shows
And we made some music videos

 Meet the orchestra.

That’s Quillan Roe of The Roe Family Singers, Jacques Wait who touches all music in Minneapolis, me, and harpist Phala Tracy.

That’s Quillan Roe of The Roe Family Singers, Jacques Wait who touches all music in Minneapolis, me, and harpist Phala Tracy.

Orchestra Shows

Okay, it’s not an orchestra.
More like a banjo-harp-gentle-rockin-happy machine.

We don’t know what to call it, but we want everyone to know about it. I think the music has a lot of light in it. We play what we consider to be the most beautiful songs from all eras. Plus a ton own songs dating from to the very beginning of my songwriting quest.

Now watch some cool videos to get ready for our show ↓

Wiper Image.png

 Real Life


This was our first single.

You’re welcome to grab a high resolution version of this song for free on bandcamp, or you can just enjoy it here and scroll down to our next opus.

Decent BG 2.png

 Decent Guy


Here’s our second release.

This song has just a little bit of darkness in it to make the sunshine in your life seem brighter.

Mental Patients 10.00_21_15_23.Still011.png

 Mental Patients


It’s okay. We’re all falling apart.

This time the band makes a few carefully-obscured appearances.


The Twilight Hours

John & Matt Ascend to Soft Rock Heaven

Oh yes, there he is. John Munson. Always watching over me. All of my music for so many years has been all mixed up in the magic of this big sweetheart. It’s always fun for us to play electric guitars. But what won’t appear on any public calendar are the acoustic house concerts that John and I perform all year long. Seems like we’ve played at everyone’s house EXCEPT YOURS. We want to come and play for your friends at your house.

Upcoming Twilight Hours Gigs are listed below ↓



What I’ve been trying to do

Maybe the only remarkable thing about me is that my musical quest has been absolutely continuous. I honestly have never stopped. From the time I was a little rug rat in St. Louis Park, I've been poking around and exploring, in my mind, on a guitar, looking for a connection, a pathway from emotion to sound and back again. I tinker and fumble for methods to crack into the strongbox of your heart – and my heart – to release what’s in there. I’ll try any little trick, any combination of words and sound that can bring us to that moment of revelation. And the best way for me is to make that happen is when when we’re all together.

Beyond connecting with you through music, I truly want to understand the universe and where we stand within it. I want to believe that love and kindness are somehow at the base of everything. But mostly, I want to know the truth, what is real. For now, all I can do is to keep looking around corners, seeking for light. And whatever I find, I’ll try to bring it to you.


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